Deferral of your Rent

You live in one of our dorms and you’re finding budget is not enough to pay your rent due to the Corona crisis?

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you standing out in the rain – and that applies just the same during the corona crisis too!

We know that many students are currently experiencing financial pressures due to the current situation - their part-time job has disappeared; parents may also be on reduced working hours and cannot support themselves financially - and then there is the burden of rent. If you are finding that your rent is an unmanageable financial expense, you have the option here to request a deferral.

Important information: a deferral is only possible if you find yourself in an acute financial situation due to the corona pandemic, which makes it impossible for you to pay your rent. Therefore, the following documents must be included with the completed application form below:
  • Signed affidavit (in german) (please use the PDF download on this page)
  • Proof of your financial situation through the provision of the last 3 months bank statements, for each bank account owned.
  • Where appropriate - Proof of the absence of your part time job
  • Where appropriate. Any evidence of other grants awarded to help you complete your studies, including written confirmation of cancellation or non-approval (e.g. BaföG refusal notice).

Deferring your rent alone is not the only worry that the situation is causing you? Then
our advice centre is also there for you in these Corona times.

Affidavit for a rental deferral cause of the corona pandemic (in german)
Here you can have a look on the english version of the affidavit. Look out! It is only a translation of the original form. You have to sign the german affidavit!

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Desired Deferral Period

Grounds for the application for deferral

Confirmation of the notice of the requirements

Please add here the signed affidavit, copy of bank statements and, if needed, other documents

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