• What does a menu cost? Can I pay cashless?
  • How are the fees for students calculated?
  • Why is it so cheap?

In a nutshell, the student guest pays the cost of the goods (i.e. the food on the plate) and only a small part of the actual production costs. The rest is subsidised by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Even with your social contribution, you are helping to finance these lower canteen prices - this is called the "solidarity principle". The real value of a menu, calculated without subsidies and contributions, is several times higher than the price paid by the students.

Currently, the following prices apply for a lunch menu:
  • For students: €4,00.
  • For staff members: €6,80.

The Studierendenwerk has different payment systems in use at its locations - each in cooperation with the local universities. You will find all the information you need regarding payment in our canteens and cafeterias here below. If your are unable to find the anser to your question, then feel free to send us an e-mail at mensacard@stw-vp.de.

Students of the University of Landau can find all information about the digital student ID card here. The chip of the Uni-Card also contains the payment function for the dining halls and cafeterias. Here are all the important steps to obtaining your Uni Card:
  • UniCard via the Photo upload.
  • Your Uni-Card can be validated at one of the terminals in the corridor of building E.
  • You can either recharge your Uni-Card with your EC card at a terminal in the same corridor or book cash on the card at the cafeteria cash desk.
  • When purchasing your food, simply offer the card to the card reader at the food counter and wait until the light turns green.
  • Ready - Enjoy your meal!
  • Attention: If you lose your UniCard, please contact ssc-ld@rptu.de to block your card or check the RPTU website.

Employees of the University of Landau can pick up their guest card (Mensa Card) for a deposit of 10 euros at our cafeteria.
Please note: Since there is no personal data on the Mensa Card and it does not require a pin code, anyone who finds your card is able to use it as a means for payment. Please note the ten-digit number on the back of the card. With it we are able to block your card upon request, if you have lost it and have the credit transferred to a new card. You will receive the replacement card for a further deposit of 10 euros.
Please contact us at mensacard@stw-vp.de or by phone: +49 (0)6341 - 9179 - 143.

Guests of our canteen and cafeteria are of course also most welcome. All guests are subject to the same terms and conditions as university staff.

Ludwigshafen and Worms
In Ludwigshafen and Worms, chip cards have already been introduced in cooperation with the respective universities; in the cafeterias, it is also possible to pay in cash.

Charging terminal in Ludwigshafen
The StudiCard can be recharged at the charging stations in the B building of Ernst-Boehe-Straße and at the cafeteria cash desks in the B building and in Maxstraße. You can also pay in the canteen and cafeteria with student or an employee ID. Two charging stations are available for booking credit onto your ID card: In the Mensa you can book cash direct onto your payment chip.

Charging terminal in Worms
At the terminal in the A building, room A 031, you can book credit from your EC card onto the payment chip.

In Germersheim, meal vouchers (also stocked) can be purchased, each of which is valid for a complete menu. The meal vouchers can be purchased with cash or EC card directly at our cash desks in the cafeteria.

Defective or lost card?
  • Is your Mensa Card defective and needs to be replaced?
    Due to misuse it cannot be guaranteed that chip cards do not become defective. In the case of defective chip cards (student IDs and Mensa Cards), which can no longer be used to pay at the cash desks or machines, or to load or check the level of available credit, the last identifiable credit level, based on the card number, will be transferred to a new card.
    The contact person in the event of an allegedly defective chip card, is the canteen manager at that location. Cash payouts are not allowed. Please provide us with your account details. The Studierendenwerk is not able to refund the deposit value of defective cards.
  • Have you lost your card and want to have the remaining credit blocked?
    Lost/found student ID cards and Mensa Cards can be handed over to the responsible student canteen manager upon presentation of an official photo ID (student ID card) or by giving the card number (Mensa Cards). In Landau it is possible to pick up cards that have been found, at the info point in building E IV, on the 1st floor. In the event of a lost student card or MensaCard, the credit balance on the card and/or card deposit (MensaCard) cannot be refunded. However, the Studierendenwerk can arrange for the card to be blocked if it knows the card number of the student ID card or the MensaCard. Please send an e-mail to mensacard@stw-vp.de as soon as possible. Here you will find a list of all university lost property offices in Landau, Ludwigshafen, Worms and Germersheim.