Answers to the most commonly asked questions about living and how to apply for a place...

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What are my chances of receiving a place in a dormitory?
The chances of acquiring a place in a student residence vary depending on the cities (Landau, Germersheim, Worms and Ludwigshafen) and on the personal circumstances of each particular applicant. Until such time that we are able to build more dormitories, we will continue to receive many more applicants than the free places we have available to us. It is therefore currently not possible to determine your chance. New applications are received every day and the number of free places in dormitories also changes on an almost daily basis.

In the guidelines you will find a list of all circumstances that would be deemed to improve the chances of an application being successful. Examples of this are those applicants with a disability, who have children, students from overseas, those that are located furthest from their chosen place of study, or BAföG recipients.
I have received a room in a shared flat, but I would like a single apartment. Can something be done about this?
Since the demand for a place in our dormitory is very high, we are unfortunately not always able to meet all requests.
However, you are more than welcome to send us an e-mail at If we are able to accommodate a change, then we will and will notify you accordingly, but we cannot promise that this will be the case.
I have received a place in a dormitory. What do I have to do next?
We respectfully request that you reply as soon as possible to the e-mail that you accept or decline the place. If you choose to accept the place, the rental contract will be forwarded to you by e-mail (Note, this can take up to 2-3 days). Please read the accompanying letter in the mail to the rental agreement carefully and in full. It is required that you return 2 copies of the rental contract, along with attachments 1-3. You will also need to send us the confirmation and the receipt for the payment of the deposit. What we do not require, is a printed copy of the general rental conditions.
The application deadline has expired. Can I still apply?
Of course. However, please note that we will first and foremost consider all applicants who have applied on time.
I applied prior to receiving my admission certificate from the university. What should I do when I receive it?
You do not have to submit the admission certificate prior to being considered for a place. If we are able to offer you a place in the dormitory, we will automatically ask for it. At latest you will need to present your certificate of enrolment, when you move into your dormitory. This would be applicable if you receive your admission very late.
What facilities does my room/apartment have?
The majority of our dormitory places are rented furnished. This includes: Cupboard, bed incl. mattress and protector, desk & chair, pantry kitchen, depending on the dormitory either wall hung shelving or a standing. Further information is available on our info sheets at the bottom of each dormitory page.
If my application is refused, when will I be notified?
Refusals will be sent out by e-mail approx. 3-4 weeks after the start of the allocation process. Since this can be very short notice, we always recommend that you also look for a room on the private housing market. Unfortunately, we have many more applicants than free places. Helpful information regarding the private housing market can be found here.
Can I visit the dormitories prior applying?
Due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to visit our dormitories. In addition, the dormitories are rented out at all times. However, you are welcome to take a private look at them if the distance to your place of residence permits this.
I don't know yet if my application for the Bafög (student loans) will be accepted. Should I still tick the box and how do I complete my application?
The requested information on student loans (called BAföG in Germany) is not a mandatory field. Therefore, it can be left blank if necessary If you are sure that you will receive Bafög, you can calculate your anticipated amount of funding online using the Bafög calculator. You can upload this result to us at "Bafög-Bescheid". As soon as you have your Bafög-notice, simply scan a copy and send it to us at
Can I apply more than once for the same semester?
Only one application per person per semester is allowed. There is no advantage to applying more than once. Multiple applications could lead to exclusion from the application process.
When is the application deadline for a place in a dormitory?
The application deadline for Landau and Germersheim is 01.03. or 01.09. each year, for Ludwigshafen and Worms it is 01.02. and 01.08.
When and in what format will I receive information, if I receive a place in a dormitory?
The allocation of free hall of residence places takes place after the application deadline, i.e. usually in March and September (for Landau and Germersheim) or February and August (for Ludwigshafen and Worms). However, we currently also allocate hall of residence places that reach us outside the application deadlines.

If we can offer you a place in a hall of residence, we will send you an email with an offer and a detailed description of the place. Please check your email and spam folder regularly.
What is the method for cancelling my application?
You can withdraw your application at any time. Just send a short mail to Please remember to withdraw your application as soon as possible, in order to make it easier for other applicants and our team.
Is it possible to apply without an admission/study certificate?
An application is always non-binding and therefore also possible without admission/degree of study certificate of the respective university/college. So even if you don't yet know whether you will really be accepted at the university, you can still already apply. You will not be charged if you have to cancel your application because you are going to another university.
What criteria are used to allocate places in a dormitory?
Since the Studierendenwerk has a statutory mandate to allocate hall of residence places according to social criteria, we have clear allocation guidelines. We make a social selection from all applicants and allocate our places according to social guidelines. Here you can find our allocation guidelines and check whether your application has a chance of success.
What is the minimum time period that I need to stay for?
If you have signed a rental agreement with us, the minimum rental period is one semester (6 months).
What is the cancellation period?
The cancellation period is minimum 3 months prior to the end of the semester.
Is it possible to cancel my tenancy agreement during a semester?
Only in the case of ‘exmatriculation’ is termination possible, at the next available point in time, provided we have a new tenant available to take your place. Otherwise, the contractual notice period will apply.
Am I allowed to live in any dormitory of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz, if I study at a different location?
Unfortunately, no. You can only apply for the location where you want to study. It is therefore not possible to get a place in a hall of residence in Germersheim, for example, if you want to study in Worms.
Are the dormitory places also for students of other universities?
Our halls of residence are only available to students of the respective university/university in Landau, Germersheim, Worms and Ludwigshafen. On our homepage you will find tips on how to search the private housing market.
How can I change my application details?
Please send us an e-mail to clearly stating which data is incorrect. Please also include your full name. A second application is not necessary.
How do I apply for a place in a hall of residence?
You can only apply for a place in a dormitory online via our homepage. Click here to go to the digital application portal.
What costs will I incur?
Both registration and withdrawal of your application are free of charge. Sending an email to will be sufficient.
You will only incur costs if you have already signed a rental agreement.