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Survey on student union counselling

Take part and win great prizes!
The Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz offers all students in Landau, Ludwigshafen, Worms and Germersheim social counselling, psychological counselling and student finance counselling.
Today we want to know if you are already familiar with our services and what the ideal counselling process would look like for you.
So tell us your honest opinion - you're helping us to get better.
And to make it worth your while, we are giving away some great prizes to all our participants:
  • 1 x 50€ credit on your student ID card for our Mensa, which reopens on 6 September.
  • 5 x 10€ credit on your student card
  • 5 x 5€ credit on your student card

Students demand more classroom teaching in the winter semester

Both the social isolation in the retreat to the student dormitory room or the home WLAN access at the parents' house, as well as the fact that at some point students register for their Bachelor's degree without ever having got to know and appreciate the social life on campus, are alarming.

Not to mention the fact that social skills - so often praised for a successful career path - cannot be acquired in a teenager's room at home or in an orphaned hall of residence.
We therefore support the press release of the fzs.

Vaccinate for a vibrant campus

Discussing together in seminars, eating in the canteen or studying in the library - that's what campus life is all about.
Get vaccinated so that more presence at the universities is possible in the winter semester!
Vaccination appointments are available here or from your family doctor.

Caretaker wanted!

You can pull the cordless screwdriver faster than your shadow?
Then you've come to the right place!
We are looking for a caretaker/worksman (m/f/d)
in Ludwigshafen as a mini-job on a 450,- Euro basis.
So, charge your batteries and apply under caretaker/worksman.
We are looking forward to you!

Wir suchen Küchenhilfen in Landau, Ludwigshafen und Germersheim

Komm in unsere Mensa-Teams und werde Teil einer Crew, die Studierende täglich mit frisch gekochtem Essen versorgt und dabei Nachhaltigkeit und Regionalität stets im Blick behält.

Du hast Interesse? Dann bewirb Dich jetzt auf unserer Karriereseite

Wir suchen Erzieher*innen in Landau, Worms und Ludwigshafen

Komm in unsere Kita-Teams!

Wir arbeiten kreativ, sind offen für Neues, haben alle Vorteile einer hochschulnahen Kita und vor allem - können unseren Urlaub frei übers Jahr planen.

Du hast Interesse? Dann bewirb Dich jetzt auf unserer Karriereseite.


Thursday, 05.08.2021

Landau Landau Bürgerstr. Weincampus Neustadt Germersheim Ludwigshafen Worms
05/08 02:13:06


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Re-opening on 06.09.
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