Pick up UniCard

As of now (from 17.08.2022), Unicards can be picked up exclusively at Marie-Curie-Straße 5a in the study office of the Landau campus (1st floor).

Opening hours for UniCard collection are:
Dienstag und Donnerstag
9:00 bis 12:00 Uhr

For preliminary questions by phone, please contact Ms. Melissa Preis at 06341–28037340.

Utility cost increase and energy saving

Due to the sharp rise in energy costs, we are unfortunately forced to increase the utilities by at least 30€ per month as of 1 January 2023.
The exact amount cannot be predicted at this point, but we are doing everything we can to keep the costs as low as possible.
Saving energy is the motto to ward off even higher additional costs!
Using energy carefully is not only an act of solidarity to get us all through the winter well, but also directly relieves the strain on your own wallet.

Here are a few simple tips for saving energy:
- Thanks to modern washing machines, a 40° C wash cycle is quite sufficient for normally soiled laundry.
- Switching off the heating when airing out and preferably airing out several times a day instead of keeping the window open on tilt also saves up to 200€ in heating costs per year.
- Showering for no longer than 10 minutes at a time also saves immense amounts of energy and is also healthy for the skin's natural protective barrier.

Work report 2021 of the Studierendenwerk

Dear Readers,

on the whole, our Annual report 2021 is an attempt to find a roadmap to our entrepreneurial future. However, as we have discovered time and again in the course of writing the texts, much of the route there is still unknown and in the dark. So, in a sense, the 2021 Works Report is not a report at all, but rather an assessment of where the Studierendenwerk stands in terms of its economic, political and its statutory situation and its future.
In the process, we have been accompanied by similar topics in all departments, which we believe will be quite essential for the functioning of a future Studierendenwerk:

Wir suchen Dich! Als Servicekraft (m/w/d) in unseren Mensen in Landau oder Germersheim

Du willst unser Gastronomie-Team bereichern? Wir bieten dir freie Wochenenden, Feiertage und Abende, feste Arbeitszeiten, Tariflohn, 30 Tage Jahresurlaub und vieles mehr!

Cafeteria at the Neustadt an der Weinstraße location closed - Cafeteria remains open!

Unfortunately, our staffing and demand situation at the Neustadt location has not improved in recent weeks - quite the opposite.
We now have to discontinue - with immediate effect - our cafeteria offer. However, we will keep the cafeteria open (daily from 08:00 - 14:00) with the usual assortment.
We ask for your understanding and will contact you as soon as the situation changes.

Two-price system and price increase in your cafeteria

The Studierendenwerk informs: From Monday 13 June, a two-price system for students and guests will apply in all our cafeterias and at all our locations.
It has been the norm in the refectory for a long time, but now it also applies in our cafeterias: Students and guests pay a different price. The student price is always significantly lower than the price for our guests.
In addition, we will also be moderately increasing the retail prices of our full range of products in the cafeterias from next week. This will be our first price increase since 2016 and it is due to the significant increase in food and energy costs in recent years.

Summer is coming - we'll make sure it cools down!

Starting on 7 June in Landau, Worms and Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

You can choose between six ice cream varieties lovingly produced with Black Forest milk in a climate-neutral way:
- Strawberry Sorbet
- Yoghurt-Mango
- Cream-cherry
- Chocolate
- vanilla
- Lemon sorbet

So: The best thing to do is to test all the varieties from next week onwards and let us know which one tastes best!
We look forward to seeing you!