10 months bridging aid for students - € 1,894,900 paid out so far!

The Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz draws the balance.
  • 5,316 applications from students from Landau, Ludwigshafen, Speyer, Worms and Germersheim have been received by the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz up to April 2021.
  • 2,341,400 € in total bridging aid has been applied for so far
  • 4,262 applications with a funding value of €1,894,900 have been paid out.
Since June 2020, the Studierendenwerk has been processing applications for bridging assistance for students, which the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has set up for students who have demonstrably experienced financial hardship as a result of the Corona pandemic.

10 months bridging aid for students - € 1,894,900 paid out so far!
"We would never have expected such a large number of applications at the beginning of the bridging aid, but we have to realise that the pandemic has really torn deep, financial holes for many students," says Thomas Mosthaf, Head of Communication and one of the key users of the case processing, describing his experience with the Ü-Hilfe. "In normal years (example 2019), the Studierendenwerk awards just about 4,500 euros in direct aid to students who find themselves in a financial emergency through no fault of their own."

4,262 of the 5,316 bridging aid applications were approved (80.2%), 948 applications (17.8%) had to be rejected and 106 applications (2%) are currently still being processed. On average, €444.60 per application was granted, in the vast majority of cases the maximum amount of €500. It currently takes only one week from the submission of the application to the decision for error-free applications. However, in over 90% of the applications, the Studierendenwerk has to request additional documents because the application documents are incomplete or not entirely plausible or do not comply with the BMBF's funding guidelines.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that there are still students who do not make use of the possibilities of Ü-Hilfe. More than 1/3 of the applications were not finally submitted. This may be because they generally do not want to take advantage of state aid or because they are simply overwhelmed with the application process. We often see the latter with international students, who then fall through the aid grid because they are also denied access to BAföG or KFW loans, and they urgently need regular income for their further studies.

"Then, of course, there are the structurally poor students whose financial plight was not caused by Corona and who therefore cannot receive bridging aid from us," says Manfred Kleinecke - head of the counselling department at the Studierendenwerk - addressing a problem with bridging aid. "These students were poor before the pandemic, continue to be poor during the pandemic and will be poor again after the pandemic."

The Studierendenwerk is trying to cushion these students through its own relief fund, and in 2020 it reallocated some of its money from student project funding to the area of emergency financial aid for this purpose. In 2020, the aid fund money from the student union budget tripled to 13,200 euros.
In addition to social and psychological counselling at finanzen.stw-vp.de, the Studierendenwerk also offers all students initial counselling in student finance.

"A big thank you goes to the 16 staff members who master the application processing bridging assistance package in addition to their daily work, and often across language barriers and in really complicated life situations that are difficult to assess," concludes Managing Director Andreas Schülke.

One more request to all applicants: Please pay attention to the current guidelines for bridging assistance and only submit complete applications. You will make our work much easier and all those entitled will receive their money more quickly...

Here you will find all the information you need before submitting your application.

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