The MFFKI offers the project "Rhineland-Palatinate wears fair: consumer information on sustainable fashion".

Within the framework of this project, university groups, the AStA or other university groups can organise an information event on the topic of "sustainable fashion". The costs for this are covered by the Ministry. Sustainability and climate protection are the big issues of our time. However, the business models of the textile industry are often synonymous with exploitative working conditions and environmental damage. Many consumers therefore want to take responsibility and are looking for alternatives. But how can one orientate oneself here?

Information events on fair fashion
What topics can be addressed in the context of an event?
  • General information on sustainable fashion
  • Information about seals and certificates
  • Working conditions in the manufacturing countries
  • Own possibilities for action

In what format can an event take place?
The events and topics are individually tailored to your needs. Possible formats are:
  • lectures (analogue, digital, hybrid)
  • workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Information events
  • Action stands (e.g. as part of a festival or in the pedestrian zone)
  • Provision of information material

Who runs the events?
The events are carried out by FEMNET. FEMNET has been committed to improving working conditions in textile production for many years. The organisation has a nationwide network of experts and speakers with professional qualifications and practical experience in the textile industry.
You can find more information at

[F]How can you organise an information event at your university?
If you are interested, you can contact the MFFKI directly at:
Verena Al Assaad / Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 5a / 55116 Mainz.
Phone 06131 16-5650
  • The MFFKI then arranges contact with FEMNET. You then discuss the concrete organisation of the event and the dates directly with FEMNET.
  • For the implementation of the events, the fees of the speakers and their travel costs are covered by the Ministry.
  • The event is suitable for any size of group.

So, say no to fast fashion and help to inform your campus about the sustainable use of textiles.
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