Food on wheels for students?

We asked this question and 500 students and staff members answered us. Thank you very much for your participation, which gave us a valuable opinion.
Here are your survey results:

Food on wheels for students?
  • 87% would take advantage of a "meals on wheels" service
  • 78,7% would use it 1x-2x a week...
  • ... and preferably in the Königsstraße (32%), in the Nordstadt (23%) in the Südstadt (18%) and in the Vauban quarter (11%)
All in all a positive result for the idea. We will definitely devote ourselves to the project after the start of the winter semester and after the visitor numbers in the winter semester become clear. But it may still take a while, because we have two other projects in the pipeline that will be launched soon
Until the cafeteria becomes mobile, we would of course be happy if you would come to our campus in droves. It's damn empty here...
A little cafeteria on wheels is coming soon. Our sales trailer (see picture) will be delivered soon.
Nice thing, right?
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