Take part in the study survey!!!

"One for all" is the motto of the largest student survey in Germany.
With just one survey, you can contribute to giving us a comprehensive picture of the study situation in Germany: Who are you? What do you want? How do you think and study?

Your answers form the basis for shaping the study situation of tomorrow.
Bring your story. Every story counts.

Take part in the study survey!!!
"The Student Survey in Germany" is the most comprehensive survey of all students in Germany to date. It is of particular importance for all those involved in the higher education system - for the students themselves, as well as for the higher education institutions, the student unions, research and national and international education policy.

Around one million students will be invited to take part in the survey in the summer semester of 2021; a total of more than 250 higher education institutions in Germany are taking part. Just check your university email address to see if you are included.

More? Here: https://www.die-studierendenbefragung.de/die-studierendenbefragung
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