Two-price system and price increase in your cafeteria

The Studierendenwerk informs: From Monday 13 June, a two-price system for students and guests will apply in all our cafeterias and at all our locations.
It has been the norm in the refectory for a long time, but now it also applies in our cafeterias: Students and guests pay a different price. The student price is always significantly lower than the price for our guests.
In addition, we will also be moderately increasing the retail prices of our full range of products in the cafeterias from next week. This will be our first price increase since 2016 and it is due to the significant increase in food and energy costs in recent years.

The cafeteria introduces student and guest prices.
But don't worry: we still remain the cheapest place to go for a delicious, fair-trade and freshly brewed coffee. A latte macchiato, for example, now costs 1.60 euros instead of 1.40 euros for students and 1.80 euros for guests.
So it's still unbeatably cheap.
Very important for you: As of 13 June, you will also need your student ID in the cafeteria. You can still pay cash, but without a student ID card we will have to charge you the guest price.
We think the new system is fairer and hope for your understanding for the long-needed price adjustments.
As of next week, all new prices will be displayed in the cafeteria. If you have any questions, you can also contact our cafeteria staff directly or post your questions here.
We look forward to seeing you in the cafeteria
Your cafeteria team

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